This page contains spoilers for the show this game was based off of. For a spoiler-free introduction and a link to watch the show, click the link above that says “wiki.”

It is Stellar Calendar Year 62. It has been some years since humanity left the ruins of Earth, but the conflict that precipitated the flight to the stars still goes on. The Deep Galactic Trade Organization, and their military wing, DES, still controls significant parts of the galaxy with an iron fist in their quest to control the galaxy’s resources—especially duallium, the rare mineral that powers hyperspace travel. On planets they control, freedom of expression is carefully controlled or outright banned, and music and entertainment are illegal.

In the last 13 years, their grip has loosened. AKB0048, an idol group formed in the image of the legendary AKB48 of Earth, travels the galaxy opposing DGTO’s oppressive policies and putting on guerrilla concerts to lift the spirits of people under the entertainment ban. They take on the names of original members to perform—and, some say, their souls, through their unusual connection to duallium. After the ascension of Nagisa Motomiya to the title of Atsuko Maeda the 14th and Chieri Sono to the position of Center Nova 13 years ago, DGTO has been having a harder and harder time keeping their grip on the systems they still control as entertainment spreads to further corners of the universe.

But things are about to change drastically, and new performers of all kinds will need to step up and take the stage—and discover the true power behind their radiance—in order to combat the new foe that has joined its power to DGTO’s.

Become the star you were meant to be.

Song of Hope