Kanata Shinonome

Formerly known as Minami Takahashi the 6th; now commander of AKB0048's defense wing.


Cmdr. Shinonome is of just below average height, and wears her bright red hair in a ponytail most of the time out of habit. She’s a determined sort of person and a hard worker, and expects the same from everyone she trains—which includes all of AKB0048. That said, she has a ready smile and the kind of attitude that inspires other people to want to be as good as she wants them to be.


Kanata Shinonome spent an unusually long time as an understudy—it was after five years that she finally ascended to the position of Minami Takahashi the 6th, nigh immediately after the graduation of Minami Takahashi the 5th (Shiori Arisawa). Native to the planet Saharastar, her father was part of a resistance unit against the oppressive policies of DES until he was killed in action. Kanata joined AKB0048 to avenge him, but eventually learned to love singing for its own sake again. Her younger sister Sonata, is a current member of the Senbatsu under the name Haruna Kojima the 9th.

After her recent graduation alongside longtime friend Mimori Kishida, Kanata became the commander of AKB0048’s defensive wing, having a record as an ace pilot, and trains the members and understudies in combat for their guerrilla performances.

Kanata Shinonome

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