Suzuko Kanzaki

Formerly known as Amina Sato the 5th. She now works with Tsubasa Katagiri as one of AKB0048's managers, and has vast knowledge about AKB0048's history.


Suzuko Kanzaki is a softspoken, reserved person—except when it comes to the business of being an idol. She wears glasses and has short, wavy green hair, although during her tenure as Amina Sato the 5th, she wore contacts and grew her hair a little longer. She’s always recording goings-on for posterity, and considers herself something of a historian of AKB.


A hardcore fan of AKB0048, Kanzaki’s dream was always to support 0048 as part of their management. While softspoken, she’s passionate about the group’s mission and can’t stand anyone who belittles it. As assistant manager, she’s supportive of the group members and understudies, and helps them build their confidence. She is good friends with and often seen with Makoto Yokomizo, and is known to be a big fan of Haruna Kojima the 9th.

Suzuko Kanzaki

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