Additional House Rules

Casting Magic

All casting of magic must be done as part of a performance of some kind, whether it’s singing, dancing, stand-up comedy, or inspirational speaking. You will receive a bonus equivalent to using High Speech to your cast, but magic cannot be cast independent of it.

Uses of Unnatural Mental Influence

Magic that is used to influence the minds of others can, at least for you, only be used to influence their emotions in positive ways. Your magecraft is meant to inspire and uplift, and trying to do the opposite with it doesn’t work. That said, a savvy player could probably find a way to use positive emotions for less than savory purposes, as well…


You know nothing about Paradox! Gosh.

Mood Music and Performance

If you bring thematically-appropriate music to play during a scene or actually do part of your performance, you receive a bonus to rolls made during that scene and half the mana you would have spent back, rounded up.

Additional House Rules

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