AKB0048 understudies before a concert
Always thankful, calm, kind, and just! Don’t stop smiling and be happy! Here we go! AKB0048!

During the long-ago war that decided the fate of the Earth, the idols of AKB48 continued to sing and dance to the bitter end, bringing light to the hearts of the ravaged peoples. Inheriting the radiance, souls, and names of those legendary original members, AKB0048 was formed.

Succession is decided by a number of factors, including appearance, singing, dancing, and performance skills. However, the most important factor of all is the “essence of the soul”, which allows the worthy ones to succeed the name of an original member. If none worthy of the name are found, the spot is left unfilled.

Of the original members, less than half currently have successors, but the group hopes for a full revival in which the names of all the original members will be succeeded. At present, due to the dearth of successors, they are not split into teams as the original AKB48 was (to put it another way, there is currently only one team: “Team 00″).

Breaking through DES’ defensive network involves extreme risks, so on top of their already tight schedules of training and performances, all successors must undergo strict combat training. As a result, the dropout rate for understudies is high, and few endure for very long.

In the last 13 years, AKB0048 has been able to spread entertainment to even further corners of the galaxy as DGTO’s grip weakens.


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