Character Creation

Create a starting Mage: the Awakening character; this is what you’ll be working with for the beginning of the game. Any path is fine; however, your character does not remember their Awakening and does not know they are a Mage or can do magic. Additionally, your character must have a connection to or interested in some kind of performing art. Here’s some suggestions on possible origins for your character.

You should also generate a wishlist of about 10 items or so of stuff that would be cool or nice flavor-wise for your character; some items may be given for free if they can be easily justified.

If you’re new to either Mage or World of Darkness, go here for more information.

Ideally, I’d like it if characters had a pre-established connection to each other (or were all linked somehow), so please talk amongst yourselves via the method you find most agreeable. There’s a forum here, if that helps.


  • You may take a free dot of Presence.
  • You may also take a free dot of Expression and a free skill specialty in it.
  • You will not be part of an Order; however, you get rote bonuses in Expression, Empathy and Persuasion. You get the equivalent of the High Speech bonus as long as you are putting on some kind of performance.
  • If your character is a member of AKB0048, you should have at least one dot in one of Drive, Firearms or Weaponry.

Suggested Merits:

  • Fame, Enchanting Voice, and Striking Looks will likely serve you well.
  • Dream will do cool things. You should take it.

Character Creation Tools

Being an idol

While your character can be any kind of performer and could definitely be independent, some of you may want to play members of AKB0048 or other idol groups that have been established since the Battle of Akibastar thirteen years ago. If you want to play a member of AKB0048’s main performing group, the Senbatsu, you’ll need to choose a successor name. Theoretically you could just make one up, since there’s like thirty years of members we don’t know about that existed in the original group, but the following are off-limits:

  • Atsuko Maeda the 14th (Real Name: Nagisa Motomiya)
  • Minami Minegishi the 8th (Real Name: Chieri Sono)
  • Rino Sashihara the 8th (Real Name: Orine Aida)
  • Haruna Kojima the 9th (Real Name: Sonata Shinonome)

Character Creation

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