Character Origins

So you want to create a character for this game but don’t quite know what you want to do with their backstory? We are here to help!

First, it’s probably a good idea to determine where they come from—whether it’s a planet in the Absolute Entertainment Protection Sphere, where freedom of speech and entertainment is valued highly, or whether they escaped the hold of the Deep Galactic Trade Organization.

You can absolutely make up a planet; the naming scheme is [Something]star, but that’s about all you have to follow.

If you’re from the Absolute Entertainment Protection Sphere…

You probably grew up practicing your particular form of performance. Your parents may have supported you fully, or they may have disapproved, but only in the way that they might for any other impractical career. Quality of life was probably fair to great, depending on your family’s income and what kind of industries your planet supported.

If you’re from the stronghold of entertainment, Akibastar, and are older than 13, you might remember some of the troubled times that followed the DGTO assault on the planet; you may even have lost family or friends in the planetary bombardment or the brief resistance that followed. However, it’s likely a distant memory. There are also a number of planets who have only recently come under the purview of the AEPS, and as such the people there have memories of what it was like to live under DGTO’s control.

If you’re from a DGTO-held world…

DGTO-held planets tend to be fascist industrial hellholes; while some planets still allow certain traditional forms of entertainment or only prohibit live gatherings for concerts, in the last thirteen years there’s been a serious attempt to shut down all entertainment on most of their planets. You probably didn’t have any concept of music or non-fiction until you found your way to a guerrilla concert or underground performance, or got your hands on an illegal music file or television show that changed your life and made you want to do something similar.

There was certainly a curfew, and gatherings of people were highly limited. At school, tests were largely based on rote memorization, and deference to authority was emphasized. History was selectively edited to make the war that rendered Earth uninhabitable accountable to entertainment. Basically, think 1984-lite.

Character Origins

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